two keys for a chicago vacation rental on a table

Beware, Chicago Airbnb tycoons, because the carefree days of operating an illegal Chicago vacation rental are over. In 2016 and 2017, Mayor Emanuel and the City Council amended the Municipal Code to better regulate and tax vacation rentals and shared housing units. Not only do the amendments require websites like Airbnb to solicit a Chicago vacation rental license for each listing, they also require Airbnb to regularly report new listings to the city. In August 2017, Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection implemented a registration system to enable it to cross-...

a man sitting on the back of a moving truck

Find a Moving Company to Match Your Budget

Finding a moving company in Chicago isn't as easy as you might imagine. Sure, when it’s time for you to move apartments you can just watch the streets because every moving company uses their vans and trucks as rolling billboards. But if you see a truck from a particular moving company parked on the street of your desired neighborhood, would you count that as an endorsement of their services? And how do you know that a moving company can move you out of your apartment on a budget?

Tips for Finding A Chicago Moving Company...

window view and sofa in living room of LINEA apartments for rent in Loop Chicago, IL

Search Chicago Apartments Offering Free Rent

Trying to find an apartment that's offering a great deal? Take a look at these properties offering deals, some including free rent, as the apartment hunting season starts to kick off because why pay full price on rent if you don't have to? 

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30 E Roosevelt | South Loop

This South Loop apartment...

the map of Chicago neighborhoods with the most affordable apartments for rent on Domu

These Chicago neighborhoods have the most cheap apartments for rent on Domu

As the busy apartment rental season in Chicago begins to warm up, apartment hunters might want to start their search in one of the neighborhoods with the most affordable rent.

Domu looked at apartment listings in Chicago neighborhoods for the previous year and found the 10 neighborhoods with the most affordable rents. The findings probably won't surprise many people familiar with the Chicago apartment rental market, but there are some noteworthy highlights to call out from the listing data.



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