Dining room of single family home for rent in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood

Chicagoans will be breaking bread and sitting down to sample the best of fall flavors around the Thanksgiving dinner table this week. If you’ve dreamed of playing host but your current place doesn’t have enough room to seat all of your guests, then you might want to check out these six apartments with great dining rooms.


Maggie Michalczk is the mind behind popular Instagram profile Once Upon a Pumpkin

How One Entrepreneur Spices Up Pumpkin Recipes Year-round

Food is one of the few things that people everywhere can agree on. Food sustains us, it nourishes us and occasionally our own talents for preparing or sharing food brings us unexpected joy. For some aspiring chefs, one ingredient leaps out and inspires them. For Maggie Michalczyk, that one special ingredient is pumpkin.

Why pumpkin? “Pumpkins make people happy, they are the stars of fall,” Maggie says. Sometimes the answer is as simple as that.

Pumpkin spice, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin purée,...

November 6, 2017

Building Spotlight: NEXT

Kitchen of 2-bedroom apartment in NEXT River North.

Life at NEXT is Emblematic of High-rise Luxury

NEXT is a resident-focused building in a landscape of new high-rises which are racing to outdo one another in lifestyle enhancements for their residents. In the old days of apartment hunting your biggest choice may have been selecting the color of Formica in your kitchen countertops. Those days are a distant memory when you see the scope of choices on display at NEXT. Amenities ranging from transportation, shopping, socializing, pet care and more are all part of the package. And let’s not forget that the apartments...

Landlords should consider strategies such as renter incentives, long-term or short-term leases to avoid vacancies in their rental properties.

Time is money in the landlord business. And timing is, too. But let’s face it: Chicago is in the off-peak season after November rolls around.  Landlords looking to maximize revenue should consider these tactics.

Use Incentives to Attract Tenants

Chicago tenants are familiar with rental concessions and incentives. On Domu, we’ve seen the following incentives in Chicago’s apartment market:

  • free parking
  • waiver of the move-in fees and/or security deposit
  • free rent for a month or two on longer term leases 




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